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ANTICARB (Monoclonal ANTIbody-targeted CARBon Nanotubes against Cancer) is a European Commission FP7 funded research programme.

The main objective of ANTICARB is the design and development of carbon nanotube-antibody (CNT-Ab) constructs. They are investigated as novel platforms for cancer treatment with the purpose to act as combinatory therapeutic/diagnostic agents.

The ANTICARB project involves the construction and characterisation of CNT-Ab conjugates and the determination of their biological and toxicological activity with the ultimate aim of translation to a clinical onlcology setting.

The conjugates are designed to attain the characteristics of their individual conjugates:
Antibodies:- clinically-used cancer therapeutic and targeting moieties; and
Carbon Nanotubes:- novel nanomaterials that offer an array of interesting features.

The ANTICARB Consortium aims to act as a multidisciplinary team working together for the biomedical exploration of CNT-Ab constructs with a particular focus on cancer.

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